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Welcome to Atlux λ's 3D Web App
(Beta version)

This 3D web app supplements the main plugin for Unreal Engine. It is currently under development and open to everyone, but in the near future it will be available only to Atlux λ users. Please consider subscribing to keep using it.

- Left click and drag on the scene to rotate it.
- Right click and drag to move.
- Mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
- Single left click on any part of the 3D model will make that point the focus point of the camera (this is easier to see when close to the model or with a very low F-Stop).
- Use the Shoot button to save the current render into your Downloads folder.

This is a GPU demanding app. It might slow down your computer if your graphics card is not powerful enough. If it freezes or remains on a black screen for too long, please refresh the page. A direct connection/import with Unreal Engine will be available for users.

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