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Atlux λ Installer Wizard
Atlux λ has its own installer outside the Epic Games Launcher.
Download it below and follow the Installer Wizard to install the plugin in Unreal Engine. Scroll down for info about warnings and the instructions.

Mac version coming this year.
Installer Warnings
Installer Wizard
Installer Warnings
We are in the process of having the installer certified by an official Certificate Authority (CA) to ensure that Windows and browsers recognize the .exe file as trustworthy. Until this certification is complete, you may encounter these warnings during download and installation.

Browser Download Warning
Some browsers might block the download until confirmation

Atlux λ Installer Warning

  • Click "Download suspicious file"
    This will start the download of "AtluxλInstaller.exe".
Microsoft Defender
When opening "AtluxλInstaller.exe" Microsoft Defender might pop up with this message.

Atlux λ Installer Warning Atlux λ Installer Warning

  • Click "More Info"
    This will show the information about the name of the application and the Publisher. We are in the process of getting certified, until then the Publisher appears as "Unknown publisher".
  • Click "Run anyway"
    After this the installer is ready to start.
  • Allow app to make changes to your device
    This message might also pop up with an "Unknown publisher" tag. If it does, please click Yes to start the installation.
  • Antivirus
    Some antivirus might also block the installer when executing it the first time. This will be solved as soon as we get the certification.
Installer Wizard
Atlux λ's installer has been crafted to make it as simple as possible to install and update the plugin.
Whenever a new version of Unreal Engine is available, this installer will include the version of Atlux λ for it. The plugin can be updated from within the interface of Atlux λ as shown at the bottom of this page.

Atlux λ Installer
Instructions to complete the installation of the plugin and keep it updated.

  • Atlux λ Installer Wizard
    Starting page of the installer. Click Next to go to Log-in page.
  • Atlux λ Installer Wizard
    Log In

    - Enter your login credentials. If you had a MetaShoot account, the email and password should be the same.

    - Check the "I agree to this Terms and Conditions checkbox".

    - Click Login or Next to continue to the Version page.

    - From here you can also Get License, Reset Password and read the Terms and Conditions.
  • Atlux λ Installer Wizard

    - Choose the version you want to install. Only one version can be installed or updated at a time - please restart the installer to install or update other versions.

    - Click Next to continue to the Plugins Folder page.

    - UE 5.# is the version of Unreal Engine. v#.# is the version of Atlux λ. New versions will automatically appear in the same installer.
  • Atlux λ Installer Wizard
    Plugins Folder

    - Confirm or select the location of the Plugins folder for the version of Unreal Engine selected.

    - By default this path is C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.#\Engine\Plugins. Where # is the version of Unreal Engine (5.1, 5.2, 5.3...)

    - Click Next to go to the Ready to Install page.
  • Atlux λ Installer Wizard
    Ready to Install

    - Here you can see the size of the files that need to be downloaded for the plugin.

    - Click Next to begin downloading.
  • Atlux λ Installer Wizard

    - This is where the files for the plugin are downloaded.
  • Atlux λ Installer Wizard
    Finishing Installation

    - After the files have been downloaded we are just one click away from finishing the installation.

    - Click Next to begin extracting the files and finish installing Atlux λ.
  • Atlux λ Installer Wizard
    Extracting Files

    - Here the files are being extracted into their final path in the Unreal Engine folder. This is usually: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.#\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace\Atlux

    - When it finishes extracting it will automatically take you to the last page of the wizard.
  • Atlux λ Installer Wizard
    Atlux λ has finished installing

    - If you have made it to this point, the installation was succesful!

    - Click Finish to close the installer.

    - You can now open the chosen version of Unreal Engine, and in Edit/Plugins you will find Atlux λ. Once enabled, you can open up the interface from Window/Atlux λ, or from the icon next to Play toolbar.
  • Atlux λ Installer Wizard

    - Whenever a new version of Atlux λ is available, a prompt will appear on the interface inside Unreal Engine, right below the Atlux λ logo.

    - Click Update to download and open up the installer for it. Unreal Engine needs to be closed before finishing the installation.

    - The same installer can be used to install or update any other version.
Installer Warnings
Installer Wizard