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Architecture Visualization

Visualize your architectural vision with Atlux λ. Express your designs with ease, create cinematic renders, explore immersive projections, and control lighting, all within Unreal Engine.

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Project by Cona_Archviz
Atlux λ for Unreal Engine - Architecture Visualization

Cinematic rendering

Unleash the power of Unreal Engine. Whether you are using the built-in photo studio or shooting a fully modeled environment, Atlux λ produces stunning images and animations with a 1-click render process.

Immersive world projections

The Dome studio preset supports HDRI and equirectangular projection mapping and 360 shading for immersive content creation.

Atlux λ for Unreal Engine - Architecture Visualization Atlux λ for Unreal Engine - Architecture Visualization

Light it your way

Produce realistic or stylized lighting results in real-time. Choose from 12 lighting presets including Softboxes, Spotlight, Wand, Ring, and Overhead LightBank. Atlux λ supports both Raytracing and Lumen rendering.

I’ve started to use this fantastic program with Lumen and Path Tracer mode to realize my ArchViz projects. It’s faster and more versatile. I can achieve fast renders and lighting in the easiest way. I love it.

- Mattia Turnu, Architect & 3D, @cona_archviz
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What is λ? It is the Greek letter lambda, used in physics to represent the wavelength of light.