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Get on board for sleek, clean, and realistic results. Drive your creative impulses inside the Atlux λ digital twin photo studio environment.

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Project by Tom Eagles & Valle
Atlux λ for Unreal Engine - Automotive

Feel like a photographer

Don’t get bogged with technical details. Design perfect compositions in seconds. Switching between studio looks and lighting presets is fast and intuitive.

Superior presentations

For highest quality commercial ready images, Atlux λ is efficient. Batch rendering and customizable presets helps you iterate even faster.

Atlux λ for Unreal Engine - Automotive Atlux λ for Unreal Engine - Automotive

Paint with light

Need creative inspiration? Atlux λ includes a new studio randomizer built on AI technology to produce unlimited combinations of studio looks and dramatic lighting setups.

Atlux is an accomplished plugin for Unreal Engine. It helps me focus on the creative instead of having to deal with lots of clicks to achieve a result… It automates batch rendering, light positioning, camera positioning with targets, and much more.

- François Dallaire, CAD Designer & Founder, FD Design
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What is λ? It is the Greek letter lambda, used in physics to represent the wavelength of light.