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Fashion Visualization

Atlux λ streamlines fashion visualization. Design digital twins, visualize beauty products, and enhance workflows with stunning real-time 3D renders – all inside Unreal Engine.

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Atlux λ for Unreal Engine - Fashion Visualization

Cosmetics & Beauty

Present product collections and visualize commercial photo shoots with a 1-Click render workflow. Atlux λ is the most accessible plugin available for Unreal Engine imagery realization.

Digital Twin Photography

Using digital twin models is a massive time saver for brands with large product collections. Develop new image campaigns with 3D assets for maximum efficiency.

Atlux λ for Unreal Engine - Fashion Visualization Atlux λ for Unreal Engine - Fashion Visualization

Why Visualize in 3D?

Accelerate time from design to production and improve the decision-making process. The Atlux plugin makes Unreal Engine more accessible to 3D designers.

I think any 3D artist can benefit from Atlux, especially those who design digital fashion products - it’s a very good plugin to show off any model you’ve created. I love the soft boxes and ring lights.

- Harrison Bradish, 3D Designer, PixelThread.Studio
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What is λ? It is the Greek letter lambda, used in physics to represent the wavelength of light.