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Industrial Design

From industrial to product design, Atlux λ provides the clearest path to showcase 3D models with beautiful lighting and dynamic renders.

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Project by R3PLICA
Atlux λ for Unreal Engine - Industrial Design

Instant Visualisation

Harness the power of Unreal Engine without the complexity of Blueprints or Level building. Drop your model into the photo studio environment and get instantaneous results with realistic lighting assets and presets. Includes a new AI-powered studio generator for unlimited explorations.

Create stunning showcases

Whether it is images or animations you are after, Atlux λ enables creative results for product catalogs, marketing presentations, or even video show pieces and commercials.

Atlux λ for Unreal Engine - Industrial Design Atlux λ for Unreal Engine - Industrial Design

Fast, simple, and intuitive

Create detailed, gorgeous renders at the click of a button. A simplified 1-click render workflow and intuitive interface enables any level 3D designer the ability to produce amazing results.

Atlux λ significantly expedites the creation process by accelerating our workflow with consistent and reliable results. The user-friendliness, combined with the robust capabilities of Unreal Engine, empowers us to showcase our digital craftsmanship at its finest.

- Nazzareno Giannelli, CTO @ R3PLICA
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What is λ? It is the Greek letter lambda, used in physics to represent the wavelength of light.