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MetaHuman Visualization

Spotlight your MetaHuman assets with Atlux λ. Produce high fidelity renders within a realistic photo studio environment.

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Project by JonCG
Atlux λ for Unreal Engine - MetaHuman Visualization

Simplified MetaHuman Workflow

Don’t get bogged down. Take advantage of Unreal MetaHuman creation with an incredibly fast and simple workflow for visualization. Atlux brings simplicity to complex workflows.

Photorealistic Lighting and Features

Photorealistic lighting assets and new interactive “Light Painting” feature bring MetaHumans to life. Includes 12 different Lighting presets and a Target tracking system for cameras and lights.

Atlux λ for Unreal Engine - MetaHuman Visualization Atlux λ for Unreal Engine - MetaHuman Visualization

Flexible and Fast Sequencing

Set up Sequences. Assets and presets to create your own visualization studio, includes the standard Photo Studio, a 360 NeRF Maker, even an AI-powered studio randomizer. Atlux delivers speed and flexibility for Unreal Engine projects. No need to create Level Sequences or use the Movie Render Queue.

I’ve been using Unreal Engine for about 1 year. Atlux speeds up my workflow for working with MetaHumans quite a lot… at least 10x faster for lighting and rendering.

- Jonamar Palejo (JonCG), CG Artist
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What is λ? It is the Greek letter lambda, used in physics to represent the wavelength of light.